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One could fill over a thousand pages on the finer points of water science, but we won’t bore you with too many details. What we will do is educate you on the issues relevant to you so that you may better understand and appreciate your water, our process and how great the finished product will be.

And while we might be a little biased, we think all this is pretty interesting. Maybe you will, too.


Of course the only surefire way of knowing exactly what’s going on is by getting a proper water test, but here’s a look at some of the whats and the whys behind your future diagnosis.


Local Water Quality

What’s the norm for the water where you live? Knowing your area’s standards can help you better understand your own water or potentially alert you to any issues flowing through your pipes.



There’s a lot of information out there—but how is it all pertinent to you and your water? Feel free to scan through the our list, learn a few things and become better acquainted with our steps going forward.


What contaminants are tainting the quality of your water?

Sound like your water?
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What contaminants are tainting the quality of your water?
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