How does your water compare to your neighbors’?

While the quality of the local water can be similar to your own, comparing the two can also alert you to any unique abnormalities occurring in your water that need to be treated. You might be surprised how different water quality can be between neighbors, but it’s not uncommon. Check out your area’s report to see how your water stacks up.


Comes from: surface + groundwater
Distributed by: aquifers, waterways, wells + storage facilities

Indiana, unfortunately, contends with some of the worst-quality water in the country, ranking 8th in developmental toxins, 4th in cancer-causing releases and number one for company chemical dumping (at approximately 18 million pounds).

Sewage overflow, old water treatment facilities and toxic discharge from large iron and steel mills are mostly to blame. These factors result in water that is predominantly “hard” and poor-tasting, leaving dishes spotty and plumbing and fixtures covered in limescale. Tests also detect elevated levels of nitrates. Though not usually at a toxic level, these nitrates can breed an overabundance of undesired organisms.

Statistics are against Indiana water, and for that reason, we urge all Hoosiers to get a free water test.


Comes from: surface + groundwater
Distributed by: the Great Lakes, groundwater + wells

Michigan’s water supply is widely varied in different parts of the state. Certain areas have become notorious for its water’s lead levels; however, other metals and minerals get absorbed into the water on its long journey to the tap.

For these reasons, Michigan’s water is predominantly “hard”. It will likely leave limescale on plumbing and fixtures and spots on glassware. It could also make consumers itchy and won’t taste very pleasant.

Utility companies will tell consumers their water quality is flowing at legal limits—but legal doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe. Federal and state regulators set acceptable water quality standards not only on consumer health, but for factors including the costs and feasibility of removing the contaminants. Therefore, we strongly suggest getting a water test to know exactly what you’re dealing with.

What contaminants are tainting the quality of your water?

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What contaminants are tainting the quality of your water?
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